Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Advice from older people?

give me your best small bit of advice on life.....maybe something you learned from your mistakes or maybe something you wish had done better or found to bring you successAdvice from older people?
Dearly to study your lessons very well whatever for expansions of all your aspects. Make your beautiful dreams happen. To gain more confidence be loving and always feel loved. Choose a good crowd or circle of friends and proper surroundings that will help you shape into a better person. Don't ever feel threatened with disappoinments and miseries that may trigger your person instead take them as your life lessons to be wiser. Remember not to get defeated by sadness too. Think that you know yourself best than others do. Be always true to your heart, be creative, brave and courageous..Try to always look well and be really well inside and outside of your person. Be respectful, compassionate and thoughtful so others will respond to you too..Always stay safe, sane and dutiful. Try avoid jealousy and hate. Live a long and healthy life. Be always brightly and positively reflect on things in your mind. Have a great heart than others, then feel that joy of love and peace in your heart....And most of all Pray for safety and protection to be at your guard!!

And with my sincerity of good wishes within it,

For Yourself..Advice from older people?
thank you so much jeannie kathleen....what an encredible and insightful answer you gave me. Thank you!

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1) Don't fall in love with the wrong person. It hurts.

2) Always learn from trial and errors. Better than most books.

3) If you want things to be done fast, do it yourself. You can't believe how many idiots exist in this world.

4) Love everyone but trust a few. Many people can't keep secrets.

5) Those people who depend on good looks are usually the most incompetent one. They spent too much time on their grooming and no time for studies.
I'm only 13. But I can tell you one thing.

Karma is real, very real. If something bad is happening, something good will happen some other time. Get through the hard times and there will be good after. =] Always.

And apreciate life, because it's the only one you've got. Live it and make it mean something.
face fear, dispel its myths, and explore life. there are way too many things to miss out on, truly.
Always be positive. Mind well, ';You are the architect of your own life';. live the life in 4 ways 1) Think good, 2)wish good, 3)speak good and 4) do good. I assure you that you would be the happiest one in the world.
hmmmm thats a good question!!! Try to stay positive and happy nomatter what hits you in this life. If not that then at least be able to bounce back when things go sour. Stay positive....... u need a part 2 to this question....';How to___';
Be careful whom you accept advice from.

Age is no indicator of wisdom, or even honesty.
The only thing you can be sure of...

...is the possibility that you are wrong.

You stop learning the moment you are sure you are right.
“It takes a couple seconds to say Hello, but forever to say Goodbye.” I think the author is unknown.
Listen to the advice of your elders whippersnapper!
';In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.';
Obstain from advices , kid. They lead you to live life of another, not yours...
No matter how tough life gets never give up!!
Read some Kierkegaard.
Don't be prideful.
It's already on my profile!
truth is a function of the human mind, not of things. It's never ';out there';.
When in doubt....JUMP!.....a net will appear.
trust our heart and never give up
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  • Advice for young people, Why, so many with low self esteem about their weight, If you only knew?

    keep up the good work of warning others. this is somthing alot of people need to hear. i tell my friends the same thing. i'm glad you are for the most part ok and i really hope you get better. :)!

    i think you are awsome for what you just wrote.:)Advice for young people, Why, so many with low self esteem about their weight, If you only knew?
    dont eat that junk just have a normal diet and play a sport or run around the blok every day make a record time of how long it takes u to go around 1 time and make a record of how ur agility is improving and u will lose weight but it takes long naturlly maybe 5 more than 4 pound loss until mu can run around 5 times without getting tired then u could lose 10 pounds in just 1 month! dont starve ur self and eat bananas to lower ur blood preasure it helps alot i hope u take this advice and dont just stop on the first week ive tried this and my speed and stamina was going up and my weight was going down
    I know you think you are helping people, and you could very well be helping some. However, the real people with the problems (well do I have to say it...eating disorders) aren't going to turn around their entire lives because of some comment. I know. It's a hard and confusing path for us but we love it, we know it. I'm not ready to give it up and I know a lot of others like me aren't either.
    yep very true
    im 16 and thanks for sharing that!
    Glad you're still with us.....
    SWM, meee too! I care! Moderation in all things. So glad you're encouraging young folks here. They need it! Godloveya.
    Your program seems to have worked though, if you are indeed thin.

    Do you ever thumb down answers that are heartfelt and long, give good advice just to piss people off?...?

    I do. It cracks me up how they spend their precious time answering and they take it seriously, only to not have the thumbs boost their ego or whatever the hell it is that they are trying to acheive....heehee. I know* some mean well and answer form experience, but even then it's fun to thumb down, it makes them wonder!! *I THUMB IT DOWN USING AN ALIAS*SO, CHERRY BERRY ISN'T IT!Do you ever thumb down answers that are heartfelt and long, give good advice just to piss people off?...?
    Wow. You're really sad. You need to get a life. Why the hell would you want to do thaT?..is it that amusing to you?..Do you ever thumb down answers that are heartfelt and long, give good advice just to piss people off?...?
    How wonderful for you that this is how you get joy out of life.
    How sad and hateful of you.
    I just love mature people. No, I don't care about thumbs one way or the other.
    Is it just me or did you just admit to using more than one yahoo id? Isn't that against the rules?
    No never. I think it's horrible to do that to someone after they have genuinely tried to help.

    I need legal advice, please only people that will help me out.?

    I need to change the father on my 3 month olds birth certificate. I haven't gotten the actual certificate yet. Is there a way to change it before i receive it, or will i still have to go to court and do the whole paternity thing? What should i do, do i need a lawyer, i live in MO. Is there a place where a lawyer will work pro-bono? If so where would i find them. Is it even possible to change the father on the certificate? I want her to keep the name that she has, i just want to change the father, can you even do that? I really need some help.I need legal advice, please only people that will help me out.?
    If the father that was originally named in the birth certificate is willing to consent to the change it is simply a matter of paperwork, but you will still need a lawyer. The first named father will have to renounce his rights and the other may have to apply for adoption.

    If he is not consenting and there is a custody dispute you will likely need a paternity test.

    Normally pro-bono lawyers do not handle such matters if it is a paperwork case. If it is a custody dispute or support dispute, you can likely find one or even get a legal aid lawyer. Contact your local law society and they can probably point you in the right direction.

    If you cannot get legal aid or a pro bono lawyer, try calling local firms and ask for a lawyer who will take an installment plan. Most lawyers will do this if they know the money is forth coming by way of postdated cheques, or if you own property you can allow them to place a lien on your house.I need legal advice, please only people that will help me out.?
    why would you need to do this?
    The father's name on a birth certificate should be for real. If ever there is a health danger in the future of the child, then they can trace back her blood line to see if there is anyone else who has the same problem. Ring up where the certificate was sent to and ask them about editing the form sent in.
    You said you need to change the father, are you gonna want to change your kid too? You shouldn't sleep around is what you should do.

    Why do people ask for advice online?

    isnt that what friends are for?

    or family?

    i mean. also. online you dont have neought time to write teh WHOLE dilemna...in which case you might be omitting some biased facts. or emphasizing facts you want noticed. but if someone is with you through all of this. you should be able to ask them...they have more of an idea of what is going on. and ytour friends and family always want the best for you :)Why do people ask for advice online?
    Many people prefer the anonymity of asking online...and many prefer getting input from more than one person.Why do people ask for advice online?
    I like different opionions from people from all over the world!,

    Need advice on talking to people

    I'm 17 years old, and I don't really get on well with people. I really struggle to talk to anyone: I don't know what to say, I feel uncomfortable and it always ends in an awkward silence whenever I try to engage in conversation. I want to try and be more sociable, any tips on what to say and do in such a situation?Need advice on talking to people
    Im often like that aswell x

    Try talking about random things such as ';What did you do at the weekend? What have you been up to?';

    If its someone you have only just met, imagine you have known them for ages - Something my sister told me to try.

    The thing i do is, If its a person you have only just met, imagine you arnt going to meet them ever again, so not matter what you say (Whether your shy or not) It doesnt matter becase you wont see them again. - And even if you do meet up with them again, you will know htem better and wont be as shy as what you was when you first met them - If you understood any of that becuase its got me confused and i wrote it %26gt;.%26lt;

    Try finding out about stuff they like or their ambitions in life x

    Good luck xNeed advice on talking to people
    take deep breaths , in school try to talk to your class mates about the work or try to socialise with people that have the smae intrests , well you never know until you try.

    Mechanics, or car orientated people, college girl needs advice on vehicle.?

    I need a decent car. I know that Nissan's last usually as long as you are good to it. I found a nice used car for college, it's a 94 Nissan with 135k for miles which I know anything over 100k is taking a risk but I need a car, and fast. Good or Bad Idea? Its in my limited price range and I cant get a loan so does anyone have advice? I checked it out and it seems to run well.Mechanics, or car orientated people, college girl needs advice on vehicle.?
    cars i have owned; ford tempo (2 of them)= 330,000 km (not miles)

    ford Taurus = 290,000 km not as good as tempos

    jeep wagoner(the small one) = 290,000 %26amp; still


    honda accord = 190,000 km then died RIP

    stick to north american cheeper parts, last longer.Mechanics, or car orientated people, college girl needs advice on vehicle.?
    I too am in the same spot that you are in. I am in the market and I found what I am looking for. This is how I went about my search, I looked for something that was better on gas than my 92 honda accord. It got crapy gas milage 15 miles to the gallon. So anything better than that I figured I wasen't doing to bad. Something that was atleast getting 25 or 30 miles to the gallon.
    High mileage Nissans are usually pretty good as long as they are well maintained. Oil changes and regular tuneups are important.

    Check it for leaks and strange sounds coming from the engine while it's running. Another thing is to check the CV shafts for any clicking sounds as you're driving or when making turns. The CV shafts are connected to the transmission which in turn are connected to your front wheels/tires. Check for torn CV axle shaft boots. They are made from a rubber like material that tears after awhile.
    try to find a honda civic. maybe an adult owned one that was used for commuting. usually good for 200k.
    If you are willing to spend a little upfront money, go with the seller to a Nissan dealer and get a complete presale inspection done. The inspector will give you an honest appraisal of the fitness of the car and any work that immediately needs to be done. Depending on where you live, this can cost $150-$250. Trust me, it is money well spent. If the seller balks at this, write him off immediately.
    as long as it in good shape now. you take care of it you can expect 300,000 miles from it, every nissan i had got that and was still going good when i sold them.
    little high miles what is your price range cause right now I have a nice car for sale it runs and drives my 17 year old sister in law drives it everywhere and it has a new motor in it. it has ground effects and new paint it is a nice car I would want it if I didn't buy a new pickup you can email me if you want details or pictures at jen1999_81@yahoo.com
    All cars will need its repair,some more than others,if you like the car,and it fit your budget,take care of it,CHANGE THE OIL EVERY 3 THOUSAND MILES like they say and that car will go for ever....
    It depends how well its been taken care of.. spend a couple of bucks and take it in to a mechanic(that you know or trust) to check over. I've seen cars like this run for 300k but thats the exception. 94 is getting kinda old so don't pay too much for it...ps if you don't know a good mechanic don't bother I have been a mechanic but I wouldn't take a car just anywhere... there are honest mechanics but alot of crooked shops too
    Nissan is a great car, and 135K miles is not a lot of miles for a nissan. They seem to run forever. It sounds great. I would just take it to a mechanic that you trust and have them look at it to make sure nothing is wrong with it before you purchase it.
    Any vehicle over 100,000 will start having ';issues'; but it's a matter of comparing those little annoyances with buying a vehicle that has less mileage, even new cars break down and require repairs. So it's always a gamble, consult the ';consumers guide'; on dependability reports and the ';blue book'; car value guide, but a lot of it has to do with rust and how well the previous owner treated/maintained it or if it's had a lot of abuse and body repair? These days cars lasting 200,000 miles (if no roadsalt in your area) is not unusual. I would guess that vehicle should last another 30,000 to 50,000, while in college you should look more for basic transportation than ';cool'; because strange things happen on campus :P
    Well, you're right, anything above 100k is a risk, but sometimes you don't have a choice.

    You'll probably be alright, but you do need to have it inspected by a mechanic to be sure. You could be on the verge of needing alot of expensive repairs, such as timing belt, other belts, etc.

    If your car is smoking a blue color, its burning oil and will probably actually be ok for awhile, as long as you keep adding to it - but if its burning any white smoke at all, then you may have a head gasket going bad - and thats very expensive to fix.

    Just take it easy, make sure to have it checked out regularly, and you'll probably be ok, as long as a mechanic signs off on it.

    Good luck.
    take it to amechanic and have it checked out first mileage isint nearly as important if the car has had regular maintenance
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